Our priority lies in using the Arts to approach the Other. 











In addition to being identified for the integration of disable individuals,

Company Dk-Bel wishes to invest in the younger generations to become the voices of a welcoming Europe;

both curious and aware of what surrounds them.


The welcoming of refugees in Europe is for us an absolute priority.

Such as for example, Greece, who registered in 2016 an impressive arrival of people coming

from the other side of the Mediterranean Sea (130.411 – source UNHCR), of whom 55.000 are still held on the territory. After the closure of the frontiers last March, the latter has become known as ‘The Eye of the Cyclope’.

The sanitary needs are enormous, which is why we wish to react effectively in a country where social instability is already a well-established issue.

In the summer 2016, a meeting took place with a group of 10 individuals

from the ‘Lab of Pantin’ between the ages of 17 to 25.

They had been leading a humanitarian project with the refugees of Calais and Athens entitled ‘Traces’,

a trigger for Dk-Bel to join them in their endeavors.

Henceforth, Company Dk-Bel pursued along their artistic and humanitarian path.


Dk-Bel intervened in collaboration with O2 KOINSEP, which then led to a fruitful partnership and the exposition of the photos from Drops of Breath from the summer 2016.

(An intercultural project yet again broaching on the subject of disability and humanistic values).

By bringing together their common and complimentary interests; activities, as well as a co-organization of social projects and diverse approaches for the integration of the refugees were established. For example:

artistic activities with local children thus raising awareness and generating acceptance amongst the local population.

Beaming! is about bringing strength, momentum and positive energy by defending:

  • The awareness of a common joy

An expression of satisfaction

We are convinced that it is essential for the construction of a being to have a presence

of joy especially during the learning process


  • A notion of empathy and optimism

Values that we touch upon in all our projects: to spread around us.

  •  The notion of openness to the world around us

The importance of sharing stands during the whole journey, due in part

to the common artistic practice and shared moments of daily life.


The main objective of the project lies essentially in creating a network of young Europeans, both in person and virtually,

that defend the values of hospitability, empathy and sharing. 

‘YOUNG FOR YOUNG’ is our slogan.


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