The DK-BEL Company creates and produces performances both in France and abroad.

Ever since its creation in Villiers-le-Bel (95) in 2004, it strives in promoting Art in the minorities of society.

DK-BEL’s work is orientated towards 3 main guidelines:

  • Artistic creativity for everyone and carried out as an ensemble: Developing social links

  • The will to prioritize Humanity in the heart of all projects carried out: Changing perspectives

  • Merging to international networks with as a common ground, Art: Opening to the world

All actions initiated by DK-Bel defend the values of empathy, sharing and goodwill;

with the goal of having a social impact in our present society.

The emphasis lies essentially in Integration


​The repertoire of the dance company is the work of the choreographers Sophie Bulbulyan and Corinne Faure-Grise,

whom propose a work based on the research and discovery of the dancers’ individual movement;

the latter, a result of cultural diversity and carrier of strong messages.

The pieces created by Dk-Bel Company are danced by both disabled and non-disabled dancers,

staged on an national to international basis.

Administrative Team 

President - Alexandra Osei 

Head of the Professional and International Department   - Sophie Bulbulyan    

Head of the Non-Professional Department  - Corinne Faure-Grise

Administrative and Production Attaché - Olivier Catherine

Webmaster - Laura Khizar Hayat // Elisa Bulbulyan

Manager of International Projects  - Theodora Avgoulidou           

Board Members  - Cèline Coppry // Rocco Di Salvatore 

Assistants -  Anais Homo // Fahima Djouadi // Nathalie Racine

Technical Team 

Costumes - Anne Yarmola                                                

Graphic Designer - Céline Canéparro 

Musical Composers - Trifon Koutsourelis // Philippe Nomeynio                                                                

Light Designers - Niko Perret // Pantelis Petrakis                                                   

Assistants to disabled-dancers - Anais Homo // Jill Red Coffe // Nathalie Racine 


Sophie Bulbulyan // Corinne Faure-Grise // Raymond Siopathis


Aidan Aird, Sophia Ait Hadj, Titouan Arrabie-Aubies , Sébastien Aiscar , Alexandre Bathilly-Alves, Joséphine Bault, Kenza Belmouloud, Williams Bouton, Mathilde Brémon, Céline Coppry, Anaëlle Couasnon, Souad Daoudi, Kevin Dang, Vincent Di Salvatore, Mika Florestan,  Aymeric Fournier, Melvin Gaspard, Maina Ghosh,  Stephane Goxerces , Yoni Halimi, Cheik Kante, Anton Kessler,  Laura Khizar, Débi Kouete, Eirini Kourouvani, Willy Lainé, Thierry Maboang, Flora M’Banii, André Mackiesse, Fitz Nzoghe, Philippe Nomenyo, Ombline Noyer, Aba Okono, Barima Osei, Ahmed Osman, Michée Quenum, Tanguy Ruiz, Leithan Setodji, Sophie Sigwbal,  Raymond Siopathis,Seibany Salif Traoré, Steven Vincent-Manette, Nesta Drame.


22 avenue du Champ Bacon, 95400 VILLIERS-LE-BEL, FRANCE  Infos : +33 (0)7 86 41 45 19

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